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Good day.

It's me.

I got my PhD admission offer. In the coming few years, I shall have less time translating / subbing ARASHI-related things. Therefore, there would be the following changes:-

1) I shall translate / sub at a slower speed. Sorry I have been a slow translator / subber and it would be even slower, and I would like to thank you for your patience if you would still visit my site.

2) I shall close my facebook page and tumblr page after 31 March 2019. In fact I am closing my fb and tumblr accounts, so I think the fb and tumblr pages will disappear. All things will be centralised on my dreamwidth with twitter as notification and livejournal as back up. I shall continue contributing to ao no michi if they accept my works. I can be reached by DM at dreamwidth / twitter. I shall ignore messages and block accounts I don't like.

3) I set my dreamwidth to allow everyone to comment, so that fb / tumblr fellows who do not have dreamwidth account could comment. I shall delete comments and block accounts I don't like.

4) My site would continue to run after 2020. There are many coupling songs I hope to share. I am looking forward to the individual works of members. I am looking forward to the group works after the break. There are so many ARASHI things I hope to promote to new and old Arashians. Though my strength is little and I shall stay slow, I hope to continue contributing to promoting ARASHI.

I am grateful to God.
I am grateful to my family.
I am grateful to ARASHI.

I am grateful to all of you who read my works and leave me your likes and comments. I read every single comment and I am grateful to your feedback and support. I hope you would continue enjoying my translations / subs.

Wish you a good day.

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... About stamina for the 24H main personality
A: So what about the stamina? Because we're not quite the age for this task.
S: Right, we all are bit not the age for this task.
A: Did your stamina OK when you did it in 2017?
S: In that sense, I think everyone was so. Indeed we didn't do it several times for nothing. Gradually, you'll know how to allocate the pace anyway. Year by year...
A: The experience piles up.
S: Right. Age is not a problem. Rather, because we've done it several times, we shall be able to run it in good feel ourselves, right?
A: I see.
S: With that sense, I did six times :)
A: Thank you for your advice, senpai :)

... About the charity tee designed by Leader in 2004
S: There are also people wearing 2004 charity tee to the concerts.
O: They do.
S: Thinking about why I see it so often, because my mother likes wearing it, the 2004 tee.
A: The barbell one?
S: She wears it a lot.
O: I'm so happy about this.
S: She wears that tee for 15 years. (To Leader) Thank you.
O: You're welcome~

... What was impressive to Leader about the 24HTV
O: The big balloon project in 2008. I've been making figures along that corner.
M: You were not there all along the corner (Leader was making figures on a big balloon so not with the other members)
O: Right.
M: Though you were in Budokan, you've been away from us.
O: Right, so it felt extraordinary. I made figures seeing you four, and I thought can I make it...
S: Indeed you were in an extraordinary place (in a big balloon flying high)
O: Right, right. I felt that in particular on the 2nd day. When you saw you four again I felt so extraordinary.

... What was impressive to Aiba-kun about 24HTV
A: To me it's the letter writing in 2004.
S: It was a surprise, we didn't know at all.
M: We didn't.
A: Right. Though I wrote that masterpiece embedding all my feelings, when I read it I cried too much that I couldn't convey it, there was such episode >.<
N: Because you were moved by that?
A: Yes, because I was moved by that >.<
S: But I saw many times the visuals of Aiba-kun's letter reading, and I think so in my mind. You said you cried a lot and didn't know what you were saying. No. You conveyed properly what you wanted to.
A: Really?
S: You said it very well.
A: I did it well? Thanks so much. I have confidence now.
S: Speaking of letter, Nino also wrote letters.
N: I also wrote letters.
S: 2012?
O: Should be 2008.
S: 2008?
A: Should be 2008?
N: Was it 2008?
(All silent)
N: No one remembers at all. Please see.
S: We remember :)
N: Please see. No one remembers at all.

... About 24HTV this year
M: I think it's good to do something together with the children in the disaster areas, like what people do something with various people every year. That is indeed impressive, right? It has been eight years since the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011, what changes were there in these eight years, because this programme is done every year, I think it's good to convey the changes, to convey what can be conveyed in this programme. I think it would be great to fully convey how people face their lives.
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42nd 24HTV
Theme: Human and Human ~to the new era together~
Main Personality: ARASHI
5th time main personality, the most in history (2004, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2019) (Sho-san had one more time in 2017 as main personality alone with Kamenashi and Koyama)
Date: 24, 25 August 2019
Venue: Ryogoku Kokugikan (Ryogoku Sumo Hall), first time as 24HTV venue

A: Sho-chan did you work as main personality last year?
S: I worked as main personality two years ago.
A: Two years ago. So you had one more time than us.
S: I had one more time.
M: Was it different indeed? To be main personality as a member of ARASHI and alone not as a member of ARASHI?
S: Totally different.
M: Totally different.
S: Two years ago, when I worked as the main personality with Kamenashi-kun and Koyama-kun, when it was 23:00, when you four appeared (ARASHI ni Shiyagare x 24HTV SP), well, the sense of security. It's not that I was anxious with Kamenashi-kun and Koyama-kun. It's just, when the people with whom I used to be were appearing, it was like an oasis of heart.
M: I see.
N: Then that was the thing most impressive to you?
S: Right, the oasis of heart. That was really impressive, perhaps I understood that because I've been working as main personality not with ARASHI once.
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Subbing tutorial sub_sub_gakkou by Winkychan

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... Plus One! #009 "Tsunami" caused by volcanic eruption

In the past, Japan also had suffered great damage from tsunami caused by volcanic activities.

The situation at that time was remained as picture in ancient documents.
In 1741, tsunami occurred at offshore of Oshima Peninsula, Hokkaido.
The picture sketched the condition that the peninsula had volcanic eruption and the town on the other side of the sea was attacked by tsunami.
It is said that there were over 1,500 victims.

This was Mount Unzen Fugen of Nagasaki Prefecture in 1792.

At that time, because of the volcanic eruption, Mount Mayuyama was greatly damaged.
The large amount of earth and sand flowing into the sea was said to cause a tsunami more than 20m,
which even attacked the Kumamoto Prefecture on the other side of the sea.
Later it was named "Shimabara erupted, Higo affected".

It is said that there were 15,000 victims.

Experts point out that this incident may occur everywhere across Japan.

Yamamoto Takahiro-shi, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
"As for Japan, with the volcanic activities, there are often tsunami occurring,
so there is risk everywhere, when there are volcanos."

In addition, there is a characteristic which worries the experts.

Yamamoto Takahiro-shi, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
"What part would collapse, to what extent would materials fall, such damage information is difficult to forecast,
therefore I think that it is difficult to issue the tsunami warning."

While this is not irrelevant to Japan ...

damages caused by volcanic activities include "cinders ejected during volcanic eruption", "pyroclastic flow", "avalanche" if in winter,
this time it is also widely known that there would also be "tsunami".

Once a tsunami occurs, thousands of people may suffer.
Experts say that, in fact, it is tsunami which causes the most victims among volcanic disasters.

There are 111 active volcanos in Japan, according to The Volcanological Society of Japan,
we are the fourth country in the world with the most active volcanos.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the volcanic eruption occurring near sea and lake which may cause tsunami.

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Subbing tutorial sub_sub_gakkou by Winkychan

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... Plus One! #014 Did PM Abe nominate President Trump for Nobel Peace Prize?

The news of whether Prime Minister Abe of Japan has nominated US President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize is getting wide-spread discussion.

The "Plus One!" tonight is.
"Prime Minister Abe made the nomination? What he aims at is ..."

15 February 2019.

President Trump
"Prime Minister Abe said "Respectfully on behalf of Japan, I am asking them to give you the Nobel Peace Prize". I said "Thank you"."

President Trump talked about his being nominated by Prime Minister Abe for the Nobel Peace Prize.
The reason is ...

President Trump
"Because he (North Korea) had rocket ships, and he had missiles flying over Japan, and they (Japan) had alarms going off, you know that.
Now all of a sudden they feel good, they feel safe. I did that."

It is said that the missiles did not fly over Japan.

Immediately, when Prime Minister Abe was asked about the authenticity of the news in the Diet on 18 February.

Prime Minister Abe
"President Trump decisively responds to solving the North Korean nuclear and missile problems."

While he has commented on the efforts of President Trump, in terms of the nomination.

Prime Minister Abe
"Because the Nobel Prize Committee decides not to disclose nominators and nominees for 50 years,
I would like to refrain from commenting based on this policy."

He declined to speak on this issue.

According to the government officials, it seems that there was a request from the US government, and it seemed that Prime Minister Abe wrote a nomination letter.

In fact this is not the first time President Trump talks about Nobel Prize.

At the speech hall before the first US-North Korea Summit in April 2018.

"Nobel! Nobel!"

President Trump
"That's very nice. Thank you. Nobel."

In May 2018, the Republicans of the US Congress sent the nomination letter about President Trump being awarded to the Nobel Prize Committee.
The US media doubted whether North Korea would really denuclearise, and pointed out that he is still far from receiving the award.

One the other hand, this time ...

President Trump
"I probably will never get it, but that's OK."

The US media reacts to the speech of President Trump.


Washington Post
"Was it South Korea's Moon (but not Prime Minister Abe)?"

In April 2018, President Moon of South Korea nominated President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize, so the media questioned whether they are mixed up this time.

Prime Minister Abe has established a honeymoon relationship with President Trump.

Up to now, they had three times of golf diplomacy.
Prime Minister Abe had gifted President Trump a golf club, at that time, President Trump was delighted, saying "it is a beautiful weapon".

And in 2017, when Ivanka-shi, the eldest daughter of President Trump and the Advisor to the President, came to Japan, Prime Minister Abe himself celebrated the birthday of Ivanka-shi, which was an exceptional case.

As for the nomination of the Nobel Prize this time, although President Trump said that he probably will not be awarded, he seemed happy about the nomination.

In the first place, would the selection of Nobel Peace Prize be influenced by the prime minister of a country?

In fact, candidates for the Prize can be nominated by cabinet ministers, Diet members, university professors, and previous Nobel Peace Prize awardees.
Therefore, Prime Minister Abe is eligible to nominate others.

Among these nomination, the Nobel Prize Committee in Norway would make selection.

The nomination for the Prize in 2019 has already closed at the end of January, there are 304 nominations.

As also said by Prime Minister Abe in the Diet, there is a rule that who nominated who cannot be revealed in 50 years.

However this time, that President Trump is nominated becomes exposed.


Additional reading:-
Trump claims Abe nominated him for Nobel Peace Prize (19.02.16 Japan Times)
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S: Nino also (drinks freezing drinks very often), right?
N: Yes I do. My standard of whether a drink is tasty is it's hot or cold. I hate drinks of room temperature.
M: Really? I almost only drink drinks of room temperature.
N: Then what about carbonated water?
M: What a good question~
N: If it's carbonated water, it'll be meaningless if it's not chilled, right?
M: The normal carbonated water we usually see has to be chilled. But the carbonated water I'm drinking works even it's not cold~
A: Really?
M: There is carbonated water which can be drunk even not chilled.
Y: What is "my carbonated water"?
M: I'll buy one for you next time.
Y: I've been interested in what it is.
N: I was thinking if he had just bought a water vein.
Y: I think so, he absolutely did.

VO: ARASHI members do you have your own episodes?
S: Can it be not my own episode?
VO: Yes.
S: Let me talk about a "Matsumoto Jun episode" which also excited audience just then.
N: There would be so many.
S: Do you know "sneeze at the risk of one's life"? People often sneeze in a way that you have a feel that the sneeze is coming gradually, then you sneeze. And the sneeze is often a soft one. Matsumoto Jun's sneeze is, first of all, vigorous. And his sneeze comes without approach run. (Mimicking the sneeze coming suddenly in a vigorous way).
M: Yes it is.
S: And what happens next is that because he himself also doesn't know the sneeze is coming, after he sneeze vigorously his ribs get painful.
M: It's really dangerous. If I become forties it'll become dangerous probably, the ribs may break.
S: Because it comes suddenly.
A: People near him would be shocked.
M: People do. Sometimes I myself am also shocked.

N: Can I say one more "Matsumoto Jun episode"? As a base of Matsumoto Jun, he talks to himself loud.
M: Yes it's loud.
N: Like "Bad!", "What's it about!", "It's cold~", he talks to himself loudly. What happens is that, today it was also like this ...
M: Yes it was.
N: Really, when he actually was talking to us, we all thought that he was talking to himself and didn't respond him.
M: There was such episode today.
N: Today there was such episode.
Y: It was like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", because you didn't know if he was talking to himself.
N: Yup yup. We didn't know he was talking to us, then at the end, he said "I'm talking to you". There was such an episode today.
M: There was. I talked about jobs when we changed clothes.
N: Yes.
O: He doesn't quite talk in the green room, I was nervous when you talked, I thought "Eh~".
N: Because you didn't know if he was talking to you or to himself, right?
O: I didn't know.
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S: About one month ago, we five went to Los Angeles. Good, the response is cool.
M: It's been long time we went together. It's the first time since Hawaii that we five went overseas, right? It was fun.
S: It was fun in the plane, right?
M: It was fun.
A: It was fun. I and Sho-kun sat next to another.
S: There was such thing like a partition board (between two seats).
N: Yes.
S: While I wanted to raise the partition board ...
A: I lowered the board~ (giggle). I wanted to see what he was doing anyway.
S: It's fine to raise it, right?
N: It's fine to raise the board, right?
A: Because I was interested in what he was doing, like what film he was watching. The board was raised, right? I kept lowering it.
S: Because the partition was lowered, I kept giving my tourist guide books to him, like "Read this guide book".
A: It was extraordinary ... what film were you watching? An Indian film?
S: Well ... Each of us had our own way to have fun. Indeed I watched what each of you were doing, because I was sitting right in the middle. When I looked at my left, Ohno Satoshi was watching "Bohemian Rhapsody", when I looked at that way, Matsumoto was watching "Bohemian Rhapsody", everyone was watching "Bohemian Rhapsody". And I thought what should I do, because I had watched it in Japan already. So I thought what should I watch and I read through the flight magazine, there were "Films not yet on show in Japan".
N: Because it was a plane for people all over the world to ride.
S: Right. I thought "let's watch a film not yet on air in Japan", it finally came to be an unexpected Indian film.
N: How many hours was the film?
S: About two hours.
M: Speaking of this, this person (Leader) watched "Bohemian Rhapsody" both to and back from LA. "Bohemian" round-trip.
S: You can already learn many songs.
O: I can sing them.
S: I remembered somebody said "Let us say 2, 1 then watch it together". Who said this?
M: I did.
O: MatsuJun said it.
M: I contacted everyone like "Let's watch it now", "Everyone let's watch Bohemian Rhapsody"~
N: (To Leader) You watched it first without waiting for MatsuJun, right?
O: I ... MatsuJun's seat ...
M: I was sitting obliquely behind him.
O: So if I started watching it, people behind me probably would see it.
M: When I saw him watching it, I also chased him to start watching "Bohemian".
A: You wanted us to watch it together.
M: When I went to the toilet in the midst, I was like (thumb up to Leader).
(Leader thumb up back MatsuJun)
S: The mood was Freddie.
N: You two kept sharing the same mood.

S: For instance, how would you two spend your time in the streets of Los Angeles?
N: At the end, we didn't go out.
S: We had a day of free time, right?
M: Yes we did.
N: Because he (Leader) said "I really won't go out", staff asked me "Because Ohno-san won't go out, Ninomiya-san who won't go out please go to invite him".
S: I see.
N: Then I invited him "Let's go to eat ramen!" Then we went to a ramen restaurant where the chef was American.
S: I see. It's interesting.
N: I thought it'd be interesting. But it turned out to be common ramen.
O: Common.
N: It was common to a surprising extent.
A: Was it delicious?
N/O: It was delicious.
S: So it was the basic ramen?
N: And the price.
O: The price~
S: How much was it? Ramen should be within 1,000 yen, right?
O: It was surprising. 10,000 (yen).
S: Ha?
M: 10,000 yen for one bowl?
S: Are you kidding?
O: Not one bowl.
S: How many people?
N: Four people.
O: Including the managers, there were four of us, and it was US$95, right?
N: 110...
O: US$110?
N: Yup it reached US$100.
O: It's unbelievable in Tokyo, right?
S: Unbelievable.
A: Right.
S: Rather I won't go.
N: We thought it'd become an episode to talk about and we went there, but ended up we were back with a very low mood. The price was too expensive, right?
A: Was it too expensive?
O: It was very expensive.

A: But we barely met any Japanese, right?
S: I didn't.
M: Right.
A: The first Japanese we met was Maruyama Shigeki-san, right?
M: Right (laugh).
M: Coincidentally I went to toilet, the toilet of the restaurant was bit far away, when I went there, Maruyama-san saw me and said "Oh? MatsuJun-kun".
O: "MatsuJun-kun" (giggle).
M: And he said "I'm Maruyama". Then I greeted him "Ah, nice to meet you. I am Matsumoto". And he said "Recently I was taken care by Aiba-kun". Then I said "Eh, Aiba-kun is also here, Maru-chan let's join us". Then I led him to us and said "Aiba-kun, Maru-chan is here~".

S: Then can I say one more episode? I remembered this. Really you all ... Aiba-kun ... you all were cruel.
N/M: What happened?
A: Attention.
S: Attention.
N: There is no such thing.
S: One night, including Yama-P we went for dining. Then it was ARASHI plus Yama-P who were in the car back to the hotel, on the way back, you all kept saying to kouhai Yama-P "Treat us the dinner, Yama-P~", "Yama-P treat us the dinner~", "buy us clothes~". (To Leader) You said the most!
N: You did.
A/N: You paid attention to it.
S: It was splendid. (To Leader) Did you remember you intertwined him?
O: I have no idea (giggle).
S: Speaking of why (Aiba-kun) was not like this, he was also scary, scary.
N: Again!
O: Scary again?
S: The run between the terrifying ARASHI intertwining Yama-P ended when we reached the hotel. And everyone was pretty drunk. And I thought about finishing the day with a drink at hotel room. Then I was pouring wine alone at hotel room, then someone pressed the bell and hit the door fiercely. I thought "Eh?~" and opened the door, and then, Aiba-kun who held a whiskey bottle entered my room (mimicking Aiba-kun with full smile) and said "Sho-chan let's drink together (music note)~"
A: You paid attention to me.
S: It was pretty a chaos~ Chaos~
O: Scary~
A: It was fun. Generally speaking it was fun~
N: Because it has been a long time.
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... Additional reading about interview of Akagi-san:-
She said that every night she watched NEWS ZERO before she went to sleep. One of the reasons she watched ZERO was because of Sakurai-san. She was a big fan of Sakurai-san. Sakurai-san properly graduated from Keio while singing and dancing in Johnny's. And he managed to work as a news caster. She respected him. But it was really a pity that Sakurai-san only appeared in Monday ZERO, it would be great if he would appear on more days.

... Plus One! #007 foreign workers

The law which would greatly change our living environment may be passed in this week.
The reception of foreign workers will be expanded from the April the coming year,
The theme of “Plus One!” this time is here.

“Competition” for foreign workers.

This is a Japanese bar in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Vietnamese staff
"Sorry for keeping you waiting. This is the pickled mackerel."

On the day of our coverage,
all the four staff apart from the chief were Vietnamese.

Chief Iwasaki Ken-san
“In fact, the restaurant business itself lacks manpower,
so we very much agree with the expansion.“

In fact, now, Japan is a popular place for Vietnamese to go to work.

This is a vocational training school in Vietnam for people aiming to work in Japan.

The radio gymnastics which is familiar in the morning assembly of factory
is also daily assignment here.

A poster teaching how to bow is put on in the corridor.
Then why they aim at working in Japan, we have asked about the reasons.

Vietnamese attended the vocational training school
“I think working in Japan would earn more than in Vietnam.“

This is the photo taken in March 2018 in front of the Japan Embassy.
Such a long queue.
It is said that there are as many as 3,000 people in one day lining up for visa permission.

However, while Japan is a popular workplace for them, on the other hand,
it is said that there is competition for manpower.

Umeda Kunio, Ambassador of the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam
“The place Vietnam go to work most is Taiwan. And Japan comes 2nd, and Korea 3rd.”

The competition for foreign workers has already started.
We had a coverage on the current situation of Korea which accepts foreigners as workers ahead of Japan.

Foreign workers who sweat on playing taekwondo, the national sport of Korea.
As one part of the free-of-charge support programme implemented by the Korean government, the purpose seems to facilitate them to get familiar with the Korea society.

Anticipating the shortage of manpower, Korea started receiving foreign workers from 2004.
Only corporates permitted by the government can employ foreigners.

At this automobile parts factory, foreign workers earn 250,000 yen to 300,000 yen per month,
it is said that there is no difference in treatment between Korean and foreign workers.

Vietnamese working in Korea
“I came to Korea for my family.
The payment here is high.”

In Korea, the window of policy is the government,
the treatment such as salary to foreigners is also basically the same as to Korean.
up to three job changes is accepted.

On the other hand, the current system in Japan is Technical Intern Training Program with the aim of contributing to the international affairs.
The window of policy is handled by the private sector.
It is pointed out that the salary is lower than that of Japanese,
and in principle, change of workplace is not allowed.

While, in the new system to be revised and introduced by law,
while the window will continue to be handled by the private sector,
efforts will be put to countermeasures against malicious brokers.
In addition, the treatment will be the same as Japanese,
if it is in the same industry, change of work is allowed.

However, even in Korea which emphasises that the system is managed by the government,
it is pointed out that “foreign workers are working in harsh environment” such as in some circumstances, minimum wages cannot be kept.

It seems that there is a need to look into how to create the working environment in the future along with the bill discussion


... About pocket-beeper
The pager codes of Japanese is a put in a way that every two digits becomes one group, the first digit is row of hiragana table, the second digit is n-th character, and so on.

The pager code table and the codes of members' names are illustrated here.

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Nishida Toshiyuki-san (MC): You are a splendid actor.
Nino: No no I am not …

Nishida-san: So ARASHI is going to end …
Nino: (At once) ARASHI is not going to end! We are just taking a break! Please do not end it on your own.

Nino: I just say it here, Director Harada is so scary. He would get angry right away. Because he said to me “Just do what you have been like yourself”, I worked without being too eager.

(Aoi Yu-san (MC) praised the scene)
Nino: (Playfully appeal) The DVD is on sale now~

Nino: (Kimura-san) is really a person who cares about the filming site. Because the interrogation scene was an important scene to my character, the day before the filming he sent me a mail saying “Do as you have been and it’ll be OK”, on that day he also mailed “Do as you like”. He knows not only his own schedule but also the schedule of all actors in the film.
Nishida-san: But in your heart, you were thinking “Don’t stand out before me” …
Nino: (Cut his words) Thank you very much! (giggle)



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